5 Reasons to Choose Delivery by Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN

5 Reasons to Choose Delivery by Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN

Did you know?! The ‘World’s Greatest Pizza’ is just a phone call away! Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN offers delivery during normal restaurant hours (and is open EVERY day of the week!). These hours are 11 am-11 pm (Mon-Thurs.), 11 am-2 am (Fri.), 4 pm-2 am (Sat.), and 4:00 pm-11:00 pm (Sun.)! Lee’s Pizza delivers to all of the following locations:

  • Kenwood/Woodland, East to 60th, Central Hillside, Park Point, Piedmont,
  • West End, West Duluth, Riverside, Morgan Park, Gary New Duluth,
  • Proctor, Most Hotels and Motels, Limited Superior

Now, the question is: Why choose Delivery by Lee’s Pizza? Keep reading for 5 reasons you should call for delivery right now!

  1. Exhaustion

At the end of a long day, kicking your feet up and cuddling up to the couch sounds like the perfect combo. Whether you were working all day, driving your children from place-to-place, or running errand after errand, you deserve a break. Instead of making another trip to the grocery store, or even the kitchen, pick up your phone and give Lee’s Pizza a call. We will have your order ready fast and will deliver right to your door! So, keep on relaxing and let Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN handle dinner for tonight.

  1. Air conditioning on

If it is 90 degrees outside, the last thing you want to do is turn on your oven. We don’t blame you! Keeping the doors and windows shut, blinds closed, and air on is the routine. Do not add extra heat by turning the oven on to cook dinner. Instead, call Lee’s Pizza! We understand paying for your air conditioning can be expensive and we want you to enjoy the coolness of your home. Calling for delivery of one of our specialty pizzas is sure to be an easy next step!

  1. Hosting a party

Are you planning on hosting a party for work, or for one of your children? No problem! Buying pizza is a great option. First of all, who doesn’t like pizza?! Secondly, pizza is a less-expensive option. You can save money and still enjoy a delicious meal by choosing Lee’s Pizza. To make your life even easier, we will deliver all the pizzas you have ordered. Now you can avoid making an extra trip! Your co-workers, and party guests, will be happy you called.

  1. Busy studying or doing chores

Busy cramming for a test or quiz tomorrow? Finishing up yard work? Don’t have time to pick up dinner or cook something? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, give Lee’s Pizza a call! We want you to have all the extra time you need to study or finish up a chore. While you keep working, we will make you a delicious pizza and deliver it to you. Finish faster–and give us a call!

  1. You deserve it

Let’s face it–you deserve a tasty Lee’s Pizza. With plenty of options for toppings to choose from, your taste buds will be satisfied. So, kick back, click to watch the next episode on Netflix, pour yourself some wine, and wait for us to deliver right to your door. You are not even being selfish–your whole family will love our pizza! So, get cozy and we will be there soon!

To give Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN a call, dial 218-722-0643 today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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