5 Reasons to Choose Delivery by Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN

Did you know?! The ‘World’s Greatest Pizza’ is just a phone call away! Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN offers delivery during normal restaurant hours (and is open EVERY day of the week!). These hours are 11 am-11 pm (Mon-Thurs.), 11 am-2 am (Fri.), 4 pm-2 am (Sat.), and 4:00 pm-11:00 pm (Sun.)! Lee’s Pizza delivers to all of the following locations: Kenwood/Woodland, East to 60th, Central Hillside, Park Point, Piedmont, West End, West Duluth, Riverside, Morgan Park, Gary New Duluth, [...]

Planning Your Dinner with Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN

Planning dinner for the whole family can be a challenge. Kevin wants pizza and Sue wants a salad. Or, you all want pizza but can not agree on the toppings. Avoid conflict, and come to Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN! We have plenty of options for dinner that will please the whole family! And, if you want a pizza to have different sections, with different toppings, we can do that as well! From spaghetti to subs, and salads to chicken [...]

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: Testimonials

Regardless of weather conditions, or holidays, Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN is open EVERY day, ALL year-round! Talk about dedication. We are committed to serving you the best pizza around, and are doing so one day at a time. Plus, we have been delivering all over the Twin Ports for over 30 years! Can you believe it?! Our loyal customers have been enjoying their #1 pizza choice for decades! We may have recently updated our menu, but our pizza-making techniques [...]

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: Your Guide In Selecting the Perfect Pizza!

Need some help ordering from Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN? We do not blame you! With so many options to choose from, how do you go about making a decision? It is pretty simple really–we will let you know what’s on our pizzas, leave a review of each, and then let you decide which you would like best! There are seven different pizzas to choose from (not including the 17 extra toppings available). So, are you ready? Great! Let’s begin. [...]

Why Should You Choose Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN?

With bold flavor, and pizzas cooked to perfection, Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN is unforgettable. But, that’s not all. Lee’s Pizza cares about your experience at our restaurant, and our employees are delighted to serve you. Customer service is a top priority! Located at 2033 W Superior St, our locals have been choosing Lee’s Pizza as their number one favorite pizza shop for over 30 years! We hope you will too. So, let’s get started! Why should you choose Lee’s [...]

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: Let’s Talk Local

As you know, Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN is located at 2033 W Superior St, Duluth, MN. We have been at this location for over 30 years. As you can imagine, we have made some friends along the way! More specifically-in our neighborhood! Right on our block are some local businesses you may want to check out. Some really close neighbors include Anderson Furniture, Bedrock Bar, TBI Residential and Community Services, and Carr’s hobby shop! So, let us introduce you [...]

History of Lee’s Pizza in Duluth MN

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN has a long history of leading the Northland in serving quality, delicious pizza. In fact, our restaurant has been serving the same great pizza, in the same great building, for over 30 years! Can you believe it?! Keep reading as we take you on a journey to the past. So, how did Lee’s Pizza become the top-notch restaurant it is today? Did a famous pizza connoisseur have to come in and revamp our sauce? Did [...]

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: What Goes into Making a Perfect Pizza?

When you take a bite of one of Lee’s pizzas, you will be taken on a delicious journey. The combination of your favorite cheese, secret sauce, and fresh-baked crust will have you savoring every bite. Add on some of your favorite toppings, and you will be smiling your way through each slice. Whether you are a bacon lover or shrimp person, we have all the ingredients you can not live without. So, what exactly goes into making one of [...]

Lee’s Pizza in Duluth, MN Wins Best Pizza Rating

On Sept. 17, 2008, Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN was given the the Best Pizza Rating in the Northland! This was a shining accomplishment for Lee’s Pizza. Our pizza restaurant beat out Sammy’s Pizza, Bulldog Pizza, Pizza Luce, Southgate Family Pizzeria, and VI’Z Pizza. Awesome, right?! Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN has saved the original article to show what the reviewers ate, and some other general information! Below is what was printed in the Duluth News Tribune:         WHAT WE HAD: Lee’s [...]

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: Try one of our Delicious, Homemade Subs!

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN may include ‘Pizza’ in the name of our store, but we serve more than just pizza. Now, your favorite local pizza shop includes homemade subs on our menu! What goes into making these delicious subs you ask? You came to the right place! Our seven subs include the Ham & Cheese, Bar-B-Q Beef, Roast Beef, Special Combo, Pepperoni, Salami, and Meatball. Keep reading for some top-secret, mouthwatering ingredients we are now including in our subs. [...]