Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: Try one of our Delicious, Homemade Subs!

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: Try one of our Delicious, Homemade Subs!

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN may include ‘Pizza’ in the name of our store, but we serve more than just pizza. Now, your favorite local pizza shop includes homemade subs on our menu! What goes into making these delicious subs you ask? You came to the right place! Our seven subs include the Ham & Cheese, Bar-B-Q Beef, Roast Beef, Special Combo, Pepperoni, Salami, and Meatball. Keep reading for some top-secret, mouthwatering ingredients we are now including in our subs. You’ll want to head down to Lee’s Pizza ASAP after reading about our subs!

  1. Ham & Cheese ($6.95)

The Ham & Cheese sub is a popular choice at Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN! Our customers return time and time again to order this tasty sub. Our Ham & Cheese sub includes low-fat smoked hickory ham, mozzarella cheese, and for an extra-punch: ranch dressing! We surprised our customers with new ham 6 months ago, and they are loving the change! We accidentally ordered the wrong ham (which was the low-fat smoked hickory ham) and discovered this new ham was better than the last! So, we updated! Stop on by and try the Ham & Cheese sub for yourself!

  1. Bar-B-Q Beef ($6.95)

The Bar-B-Q is a newer item on our menu and it’s already becoming a hot commodity! This sub includes fresh roast beef and barbecue sauce on a homemade bun! Try it out and let us know what you think of this sumptuous sub.

  1. Roast Beef ($6.95)

Our classic Roast Beef sub includes…you know it: Roast Beef! Along with mozzarella cheese, it contains a unique homemade blend of ranch dressing and mustard. Let your taste buds go crazy for this flavorful sub!

  1. Special Combo ($6.95)

Our Special Combo sub is for all our meat-lovers! This sub includes all your favorites: pepperoni, salami, and ham. With a touch of mozzarella cheese and ranch, customers have been calling this sub a ‘perfect blend’ of all their top choices.

  1. Pepperoni ($6.95)

Craving some pepperoni? Perfect! The pepperoni sub is designed just for you! We created a special sauce just for this appetizing sandwich. It’s like a mini pepperoni pizza but sub style! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

  1. Salami ($6.95)

Did somebody say…salami? Yep, you guessed it. Lee’s Pizza even created a sub for salami lovers! Saddle up, you will be enjoying a combination of salami, mozzarella cheese, and ranch.

  1. Meatball ($6.95)

Our meatball sub is dripping with flavor! The finger-licking meatballs are made-to-order fresh from our store and covered with scrumptious mozzarella cheese and Lee’s Pizza secret sauce. You can’t go wrong ordering a meatball sub from Lee’s!

All seven of our subs are priced at $6.95 and are on locally made, fresh buns! Served with chips and pickles, it’s a bargain! We purposely keep our prices low so you can enjoy a sensational meal for a price you can afford! So, what’s next for our sub sandwich line? Who knows! We like to hear feedback from our customers, and create unique subs customized for our customer’s requests. Have an idea for new sub sandwich? Let us know! Stop by Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN at  2033 W Superior St. with your ideas, or call 218-722-0643! We can’t wait to see you when you stop by!

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