History of Lee’s Pizza in Duluth MN

History of Lee’s Pizza in Duluth MN

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN has a long history of leading the Northland in serving quality, delicious pizza. In fact, our restaurant has been serving the same great pizza, in the same great building, for over 30 years! Can you believe it?! Keep reading as we take you on a journey to the past. So, how did Lee’s Pizza become the top-notch restaurant it is today? Did a famous pizza connoisseur have to come in and revamp our sauce? Did we have to make any major changes? The answer is ‘no’ to both these questions! Our restaurant has used the same delectable sauce since the beginning and has made only minor adjustments to our menu and restaurant. Let’s begin our history lesson!

The pizza restaurant was first known as ‘Mr. Franks’. The West ‘Mr. Franks’ was located at 21st Avenue West and Superior Street, and Frank moved in around 1978. The building was originally a drug store, and upstairs was a clinic. When Frank took over, the pizza restaurant was the only business in the building. Lee started working for Mr. Frank and eventually bought Mr. Franks. He did not change the name of the store to ‘Lee’s Pizza’ until 5 years after buying the store. Lee maintained Mr. Frank’s recipe and served this flavorful pizza to satisfied customers for years.

Lee had two sons named Paul and John. He was so proud of his sons, he put them on the menu! Amazingly, the ‘Paul’ and ‘John’ pizzas are still on the menu today. So, customers have been enjoying these pizzas for decades! What exactly is on a ‘Paul’ and ‘John’ pizza? We are glad you asked! On the Paul’s special, there is pepperoni, beef, and green olive. Yum! In contrast, the John’s special includes sausage, mushroom, and olive! Both boys must have been meat-lovers and olive-eaters! (If you are too, we highly recommend trying a Paul or John’s special today!)

In 2008, our restaurant was awarded the best pizza rating in the Northland! Our reviewers tried the Lee’s House Special and had some wonderful words to say. They found our sauce was ‘tangy’ but not overpowering, and complimented the olive, sausage, and pepperoni on the pizza well. They also found the crust was ‘strong and chewy enough to hang on to six different ingredients’ and our cheese stood out from other restaurants. In conclusion, they said ‘the entire pizza struck a nice balance’. Lee’s pizza, Duluth MN beat Sammy’s Pizza, Bulldog Pizza, Pizza Luce, Southgate Family Pizzeria, and VI’Z Pizza in this pizza competition!

Our pizza restaurant still has the same rustic charm as it had years ago. This is because we are still located at 21st Avenue West and Superior Street! We have been happily serving our regulars, and new customers, here daily! What are you waiting for? Stop by and enjoy the pizza our locals have been raving about for decades. We have also added additional items to our menu including homemade lasagna, salads, subs, and more. As you can see, there is something for everyone at Lee’s Pizza! Plus, we serve quality food for an affordable price. Come on by and enjoy the rich history of Lee’s Pizza, Duluth, MN – we are open Monday-Thursday 11am-11 pm, Friday 11 am-2am, Saturday 4pm-2am, and Sunday 4pm-11pm! Have a question you would like answered before you come? Call (218) 722-0643!

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