Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: Let’s Talk Local

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: Let’s Talk Local

As you know, Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN is located at 2033 W Superior St, Duluth, MN. We have been at this location for over 30 years. As you can imagine, we have made some friends along the way! More specifically-in our neighborhood! Right on our block are some local businesses you may want to check out. Some really close neighbors include Anderson Furniture, Bedrock Bar, TBI Residential and Community Services, and Carr’s hobby shop! So, let us introduce you to these wonderful neighbors of ours. If you are interested in visiting one of them, let them know us at Lee’s Pizza sent you! We are all about referrals here on Superior Street!

Let’s start with Anderson Furniture. This business is located right across the street from us at 2032 W. Superior Street. As made obvious by the name of the store, Anderson Furniture sells furniture! Now, you can find all the furniture you need in one convenient place. How awesome! Anderson Furniture has something for all your spaces including your living room, dining room, and bedroom. If you decide to buy an item, you can even have it delivered! One satisfied customer explained, “Will gladly do business with this store again. HUGE selections. Very low pressure sales. Well informed staff on pieces. Looked all over Duluth area and then some. Will go to Anderson first when looking.” Will you stop by Anderson Furniture soon? Check out their website at http://andersonfurnitureco.com/ for more information!

Another close business is the Bedrock Bar! It is located at 2023 W Superior St and open Monday-Sunday 10 AM-2AM, so there is plenty of time to stop on by! Bedrock Bar was opened in 2001, and the new owners are Tammi Benson and Cary Gimpel. Before it became the Bedrock, the bar was the Amber Flow Bar, Slippery Salon, Roby’s Bar & Lounge, and even a junkyard briefly. As written on the Bedrock’s Facebook page, Bedrock Bar is your one stop shop for all sorts of bar fun. Shuffleboard, two pool tables, two dart boards, foosball, ping pong, video games and lots of TVs for sporting events! One customer wrote: “Great bar. Always a good time.” Make sure to ‘Like’ their Facebook page (http://bit.ly/29Jmvpo) for more information.

Now, let’s talk about Carr’s Hobby Shop! The Carr family actually has history working with Lee’s Pizza. In fact, there’s even a pizza known as the Carr’s Special (including sausage, pepperoni, double cheese). So, in addition to trying this delicious pizza make sure to visit Carr’s Hobby Shop! It is located at 2009 W Superior St and is open 10 AM- 5 PM (Mon.-Sat.). This store has been open for over 60 years and sells tons of fun items. To list a few: model trains, radio controlled cars, radio controlled planes, rocket kits, slot cars, model kits, kites, hobbyist’s supplies, decals, paints, tools, and more! They even ship 5 days a week, all over the country. John Carr is the owner and encourages people to stop by to experience its museum-like qualities. So, what are you waiting for? For more information, visit http://carrshobbies.com/.

Thanks for reading about our neighbors, and make sure to visit W Superior St.! Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN celebrates its rich history on this street and hopes you enjoy your time here. Also, do not forget to check out Anderson Furniture, Bedrock Bar, and Carr’s Hobby Shop!

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