Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: What Goes into Making a Perfect Pizza?

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: What Goes into Making a Perfect Pizza?

When you take a bite of one of Lee’s pizzas, you will be taken on a delicious journey. The combination of your favorite cheese, secret sauce, and fresh-baked crust will have you savoring every bite. Add on some of your favorite toppings, and you will be smiling your way through each slice. Whether you are a bacon lover or shrimp person, we have all the ingredients you can not live without. So, what exactly goes into making one of these top-notch pizzas? Lee’s Pizza knows the answer to that question very well. Keep reading as we dig into what makes Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN the best pizza shop around!

Let’s start with the cheese. Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN knows the importance in selecting a cheese every customer will enjoy. To have quality pizza means to have quality cheese, right?! The restaurant staff did some major taste-testing and finally came up with the tastiest choice. The restaurant passed over cheddar, American, and Provolone. It has passed over Monterey Jack and even Parmesan. The decision was not taken lightly, and Lee’s Pizza has chosen a winner. So…what was it? Lee’s Pizza has chosen mouth-watering mozzarella! In fact, the mozzarella is so good it is on every pizza ordered from Lee’s! It melts perfectly over any topping, and goes well with our secret sauce!

Is your stomach growling yet? If not now, it sure will be soon! Let’s talk secret sauce. But, how can we talk about secret sauce if it is a secret? Well we can tell you a few things. First of all, our sauce is ridiculously smooth. It is made this way so it is easily spreadable on our crust. How does it get to this consistency? Do we blend it? Mash it like potatoes? No, of course not. The ingredients in our sauce mix together without any trouble at all. We should add, of course, that each ingredient was hand-selected by pizza connoisseurs. You will like our sauce so much, you will want to spread it on everything! (And, we do not blame you!)

Now, let’s talk about our fresh, homemade crust. We do not know about you, but we are sick of ‘cardboard’ crust and doughy crust. Talk about disgusting! Our crust is the right mix of crunchy and soft (thank heavens, eh?). We take pride in our homemade dough and are confident you will like it too. When you sink your teeth into our pizza, the texture of the crust will leave you satisfied. Unlike our competitors, our dough is not too thin or too thick. Plus, we never serve undercooked or overcooked pizza. Our pizza is always served fresh and golden brown. Yum, yum, yum!

Wouldn’t you agree we serve up the perfect pizza? With tasty cheese, unique sauce, and crust worth drooling over, you can not go wrong ordering from Lee’s Pizza. What are you waiting for? Stop by 2033 W Superior St, Duluth, MN today and try something new! Our regular customers have been raving about our pizza for ages, take their word for it and stop on by! With seven classic pizzas to choose from, there is something for everyone! We even serve lasagna, subs, salads, and more! (Did we mention they are also homemade?) Choose smart, choose Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN! Call or visit our store today, we have pizza waiting for you!


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