Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: Your Guide In Selecting the Perfect Pizza!

Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN: Your Guide In Selecting the Perfect Pizza!

Need some help ordering from Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN? We do not blame you! With so many options to choose from, how do you go about making a decision? It is pretty simple really–we will let you know what’s on our pizzas, leave a review of each, and then let you decide which you would like best! There are seven different pizzas to choose from (not including the 17 extra toppings available). So, are you ready? Great! Let’s begin.

  1.    Paul’s Special

Toppings: (pepperoni, beef, green olive)

Customer review: “Personally, I really enjoy Paul’s special. I usually only order pepperoni pizza but once I felt ‘spontaneous’ and decided to try it with beef and green olive as well. Turns out, it is a delicious combination of flavors. I’ve been ordering it ever since! I will start craving it at work and have to stop at Lee’s after. I guess you could say I’m addicted!”


  1.     John’s Special

Toppings: (sausage, mushroom, olive)

Customer review: “I love stopping at Lee’s Pizza. For some reason, I always order a John’s Special when I’m there. It has all my favorites on it: sausage, mushroom, and olive. Yummmm…”


  1.     Mom’s Special

Toppings: (canadian bacon, green pepper, onion)

Customer review: “My go-to pizza would usually be the Hawaiian Special, but my wife does not like pineapple. So, to compromise we order the Mom’s Special. I still get to eat my favorite meat (canadian bacon) and we are both happy!”


  1.     Carr’s Special

Toppings: (sausage, pepperoni, double cheese)

Customer review: “The Carr’s Special has all you need on a pizza: good meat and extra cheese. Enough said.”


  1.     Hawaiian Special

Toppings: (Canadian bacon, pineapple)

Customer review: “Lee’s Pizza has my favorite Hawaiian pizza. Believe me, I have tried it at a lot of different restaurants. I usually order cheese bread to eat with the pizza and that is delicious as well. Highly recommend.”


  1.     Veggie Special

Toppings: (green olive, green pepper, onion, mushroom, black olive)

Customer review: “My family started ordering the Veggie Special pizza because one of our teens decided to become a vegetarian. At first, my husband was sceptical to even try to pizza, but once he did he genuinely liked it. It’s funny–now he does not want to order any other pizza!”


  1.     Lee’s House Special

Toppings: (sausage, beef, onion, pepperoni, green olive, green pepper, mushroom)

Customer review: “You can’t go to Lee’s Pizza and not try the ‘Lee’s House Special’. It is by far the best pizza on the menu. I really like the beef on the pizza, and all the other ingredients blend nicely with it.”

So, what are the 17 extra toppings available? Our extra toppings include pepperoni, banana peppers, shrimp, cheese (double), onion, green pepper, black olive, bacon, salami, Canadian bacon, green olive, mushroom, beef, sausage, ham, jalapenos, and pineapple. The prices per additional topping vary on the size of the pizza: Small 10” ($.75), Medium 12” ($1.00), Large 14” ($1.45), X-Large 16” ($1.95). *Shrimp costs extra

Think you’ve decided on the toppings of your yummy pizza? Customize your pizza even further and let us know if you would like thin, regular, extra, or thick crust! Throw in an appetizer such as cheese bread, garlic bread, or chicken wings for even more! Or, a Pepsi and/or Coke product! Still hungry? Order spaghetti and meatballs, spaghetti and ravioli, ravioli, lasagna, sub or a salad! Stop by Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN today!

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