Why Should You Choose Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN?

Why Should You Choose Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN?

With bold flavor, and pizzas cooked to perfection, Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN is unforgettable. But, that’s not all. Lee’s Pizza cares about your experience at our restaurant, and our employees are delighted to serve you. Customer service is a top priority! Located at 2033 W Superior St, our locals have been choosing Lee’s Pizza as their number one favorite pizza shop for over 30 years! We hope you will too. So, let’s get started! Why should you choose Lee’s Pizza?! Choose Lee’s Pizza for our award-winning pizza, legacy, and unbeatable prices! Keep reading as we expand on these great features of our restaurant.

Flavor. Let’s begin with that. Our Pizza’s have flavor. We have kept the same secret sauce since the beginning, and have been perfecting our crust for decades. In the words of one of our customers, “The flavor combination of one of Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN is indescribably delicious. My favorite characteristics of the pizza include the crust, not too thin not too thick, and mozzarella cheese melted on top. My favorite topping are included in the Mom’s Special (canadian bacon, green pepper, onion)! I’d recommend this pizza to anyone, and everyone!” As you can see, our customers are overjoyed with the flavor of our award-winning pizza. You will be too!

As we have mentioned before, our restaurant has been around for over 30 years! This is thanks to our loyal customers, and quality pizza. This is also thanks to our dedicated employees who are focused on serving the community one great meal at a time! (Every meal is made-to-order and fresh!) Our customers have known this for decades, and have been returning regularly to enjoy our menu. In regards to our menu, we update it regularly! In fact, some of our subs are brand-new, and with bold flavor. Give something a try, and let us know what you think! We will keep serving our customers with a smile as we wait for your visit!

Another great feature of Lee’s Pizza are the prices. Instead of keeping our prices hidden (like some restaurants), we leave them out in the open for our customers to see. And, they are something to be proud of! For example, someone who orders a Large 14” John’s Special pizza with sausage, mushroom, and onion will only pay $16.95! Now, let’s compare prices with one of our competitors: Sammy’s Pizza. For a Large 14” Hawaiian pizza from Sammy’s Pizza, you would pay $18.65. For a Large 14” Hawaiian pizza from Lee’s pizza, you will only pay $15.90! That’s a difference of $2.75! As far as subs go, most subs cost $10.45 from Sammy’s Pizza. At Lee’s, all of our subs cost the low price of $6.95! That’s a difference of $3.50! For affordable, and delectable pizza, choose Lee’s!

There are billions (not even exaggerating) of reasons to choose Lee’s Pizza, Duluth MN. One of our new customers has raved, “I have never tried Lee’s Pizza until recently. All I can say is that I am blown away! I have tried all kinds of Pizza in my life–and Lee’s is one of my favorites now! I hope to return again soon!” Come try what everyone has been talking about. With great flavor, our local legacy, and our prices–you can not go wrong when stopping by Lee’s!

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